Lessons from Running - Mind over matter

Our study participants shared some of the lessons they've learned from running.

Jane inspired us with her story about 'Mind over matter'. Check out her experience:


“The greatest lesson running has taught me is that ANYTHING is possible. Is has taught me that my body is strong - and my mind is stronger. ‘Mind over matter’ became my running mantra during the training & the marathon, and it’s so true. Tell your mind that you can do it and your body will follow. I feel more confident than ever before, running = freedom & empowerment. I’m so proud of my body and the fact that I’m able to run. I honestly couldn’t live without it, it’s a huge part of my life now. Anybody can run - even somebody like me who hated P.E at school and avoided sport.

I feel so strongly than running can be good for everyone. I work in an infant school and the children love it when I run with them...too many adults don’t do it.”