Very little research was done on the effect of marathon running on hips.

Only one research group was conducted and showed no hip MRI changes after marathon running, but only included 6 recreational runners and 2 semi-professional runners.

Our hip study is the result of a collaboration between UCL, Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Trust, The London Clinic and Richmond Runfest.

52 participants were included in this study. Two groups of runners were included: 1) novice marathon runners, who were planning to run their first marathon, Richmond Marathon 2019; and 2) extreme runners, who participated in multiple marathons/ultras and other running events in the past.

The median age of runners was 30 years old, with no hip injuries at recruitment and equal number of males and females.

So far we completed 2 hip MRI scans: 1) pre-marathon, before novice marathoners started their training for the marathon; 2) immediate post-marathon. Similarly, extreme runners were scanned at the same time points to assess any changes over time.

We are currently collecting and analysing the data.

We are also planning 6-month follow-up investigation.

Study design

Study Design